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April 10, 2020, 5:08 pm

2018 Aliso Edition

It is new , 169 miles , and so far experience is terrible. Maybe an owner can help or Karma tech can answer. 1. check engine light AND performance limited red triangle lights come on every time I use the car. It's one week old. 2. Dash then appears to read no gas , zero, and only x miles left of battery. Very uncomfortable. 3. So called soft re boot no lasting effect. 4. My service adviser seems unable to get anyone to answer for days and days. 5. my dealer I bought it ftom Naples Motorsport seems puzzled. 6. I brought it back north to Canada and my local Karma dealer says he can't help until Karma California answers the phone. Karma is now trying to look into this (update) - got response during COVID 19 , which is nice since you can fix software remotely...but no fix so far, just a puzzle....

any one have any experience with these problems and can offer advice ? 

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