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April 24, 2022, 4:09 am

Automated reporting tools

Through its highly configurable & intuitive user interface, MissionOS provides access to a library of templates & customisation tools for easy preparation of reports, dashboards as well as a**lytics and data modeling.

The platform collects and centralizes data, realizing the true potential of corporate a**lytics MissionOS integrated design prediction and monitoring systems providing a valuable forewarning of events or potential failures.

Automation and Reporting

MissionOS Automated Reporting tools is enhanced through the following:

Dashboard Interfaces

MissionOS has built-in report designers using WYSIWYG style interfaces and customisation tools to design any kind of report and dashboard, static, dynamic or real-time.

Blogging Tools

Using blogging tools MGS have brought the connectivity found in social media platforms into the business space improving schedules and event-driven report production.

Automatic Report Generation

Reports can be of any size and even content-rich reports up to 500+ pages can be easily handled.

Document Management

Sign-off and publishing is handled internally and APIs are available for automation of submission through the Document Management System.

A core feature of MissionOS Builder is the ability to define construction metadata models which are linked to activity. Time spent concreting for instance, can be readily associated with batch order, delivery ticket, reinforcement checks and RFIs, cubes taken, tests done etc. This is all handled easily within an easy-to-use GSI environment. Once in the databases the data can be consolidated and a**lyzed at will, or pulled from MissionOS using the API framework for further work in Excel, Python or other tools.

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