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November 15, 2018, 9:22 pm


Carbon fiber is an important element of Karma Automotive’s personalized customization strategy, especially when it comes to the special Mubea Carbo Tech wheels available on its Revero luxury electric vehicle and as standard equipment on its limited Aliso Edition.

Mubea Carbo Tech produces Revero’s optional 22-inch Carbon Shadow carbon fiber wheels. Weighing in at 49.22-pounds, the wheel reduces Revero’s un-sprung weight by nearly 35-percent; this leads to quicker suspension response, more consistent traction and reduced tire noise. In fact, the lighter carbon fiber wheels improve Revero’s 0-60 performance time by one-tenth of a second. The wheels add $14,000 to the MSRP of a Revero.

“Collaborative partners like Mubea Carbo Tech are a key element in Karma’s mission to deliver distinct luxury electric vehicle experiences through innovative design, technology and personalization,” said Karma Automotive’s CEO Dr. Lance Zhou. “Our future is strong in part because we have relationships with the right partners who can help us accelerate technology and product development.”

Karma and Mubea Carbo Tech are also exploring potential carbon-fiber technology enhancements and options designed to provide additional future Revero customization options.

“The automotive industry is changing with new technologies – and new players,” said Joachim Siegmann, Mubea Carbo Tech’s Head of Sales. “We are very proud to see our carbon hybrid wheels on the exclusive Karma Revero programs. We look very much forward to a fruitful relationship with many innovative lightweight carbon structures on the next generation of Karma’s vehicles.”

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