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December 2, 2018, 9:45 pm


Quality is serious business. Just ask the team in Moreno Valley dedicated to ensuring our Reveros meet the highest possible standards. In recent months, these employees − from Quality, Manufacturing Operations, and Manufacturing Engineering − have taken continuous improvement to heart. Thanks to their efforts, the number of Revero 1.0s meeting quality measures is at its highest ever level.

“We’ve engaged and empowered team leaders to identify causes and solutions for each problem, implemented problem-solving methodologies, and enhanced communication with team members,” explains Adrian Garcia, Director, Product Quality Engineering. He leads a team that each day assesses the smoothness of the Revero ride, the hue of the paint, and the noise in the cabin, to name a few of the quality checks. They aim to stop defects from flowing into final audits − and to our customers.

The team’s internal targets of first-time quality both on the production line and after a vehicle is built has improved month-over-month since additional Quality initiatives began in May. These efforts are being noticed by Karma dealers and customers as well. More and more pre-delivery inspections by Karma dealers are delivering 100% quality first time around.

Despite many advances in automotive manufacturing, this team goes to show that the most important element in building a quality car continues to be human touch.

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