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December 4, 2018, 5:59 pm

First Revero Hits 30,000

With fewer than 1,000 vehicles slated for production, the Revero is a rare sight just about anywhere outside of those immediately adjacent to Karma HQ. But if you’re looking to spot one in the wild, and can’t make the hike to California, you might consider trying Atlanta, GA.

The ‘city in a forest’ is home to the most-driven Karma Revero in the world. Owner Gary Nichols has a knack for racking up the miles – before picking up his Borrego Black Revero, Nichols owned two 2012 vehicles with over 100,000 miles on the clock, a figure he’s sure to beat in his current vehicle.

In his new car, Gary is averaging nearly 2,000 miles a month – That may not sound like a lot to some long-distance commuters, but in the world of ultra-limited production luxury vehicles, Gary’s Revero is a regular work horse.

Congratulations, Gary, on being the first Karma customer to hit 30,000 miles. We’re humbled by the love our owners have for their cars, and look forward to many more high mileage Reveros in the fleet.

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