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January 17, 2019, 2:46 pm


The world of art is a history of great collaborations. The musical meshing of Bowie and Mercury. The writing genius of Mankiewicz and Welles. The artistic blend of Picasso and Braque. While Karma has always been dedicated to the art of motion, we’re not afraid to acknowledge that we are not alone in the pursuit of distinctive automotive design. In the spirit of creative collaboration, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Pininfarina, one of the world’s most renowned design and engineering houses. Their philosophies mirror ours here at Karma and together, we will create unique experiences which stimulate the senses at every level through technology and aesthetics.

Pininfarina’s commitment to excellence in design has an eight-decade long story book of success. From Alfa-Romeo in the thirties to Ferrari in the late nineties, Pininfarina’s design team has had a hand in some of the most iconic vehicles ever made. Now, partnering with Karma’s design team, the first results of our collaborative efforts will be seen later this year.

Follow our social channels and keep an eye on The Hub to hear more about this, and more exciting partnership announcements to come.


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