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January 15, 2020, 7:58 pm

Karma and CES: The Tech of Tomorrow

The future travels at light speed. Keeping up takes more than just drive. It takes a passion and persistence beyond compare. It’s a vision with unparalleled focus. It’s the vision that guides us.


World recognized for its impact on bleeding-edge technology, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, showcases a glimpse of what tomorrow holds. The event draws technology leaders from around the globe, each eager to debut how they will change the future. For those focused on changing the future of mobility, using the right platform is essential. It’s therefore no surprise that many of those innovators chose to partner with Karma.


Already a hotbed of future design and tech, the SC1 Vision Concept was selected by Panasonic to showcase their latest suite of automotive technology. Amazon and Blackberry used our user interface to demo the next generation of vehicle personalization. Several examples of our new Revero GT were on display, packed with upcoming advancements from Xperi, APMA, Voxx, and Eyeris.


Providing a journey unlike any other is our focus and the drive that leads us to partnerships that change the future. Watch the video for more info from the Consumer Electronics Show.

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