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January 8, 2019, 7:06 pm

Karma Announces New Division at CES

We mentioned recently that Karma will be attending our first CES this year, and now it’s time to share the first headline out of Las Vegas this week. 

Karma Automotive is announcing the launch of a new division focused on mobility experiences.

Mobility has become something of a buzzword in the automotive world with many boasting grandiose ideas without the means to execute in the future – but to ignore mobility outright would be to sit idle, and ignore the exciting applications and technology we are perfectly suited to develop. 

The formal launch of our Mobility Experiences division represents the recognition and consolidation of the work which has already been underway at Karma Headquarters for quite some time. Its goal is to create opportunities for customers to enjoy premium hands-on experiences in our luxury electric vehicles in settings that match that customers unique lifestyle. To start, we’re launching a small test fleet of Reveros which will be available for short-term rentals at key Southern California luxury hotels in coordination with our business partner Ridecell.  

From there, Karma’s Mobility Experiences division will look to expand this car sharing model in other environments which match the VVIP treatment that exemplify the Karma owner experience. This means the mobility fleet could become a source for on-demand test drives, luxury shuttle services and provide a presence at key Karma Automotive marketing events.

The team is already hard at work investigating other opportunities as they relate to automotive mobility, and the programs we’re announcing in Las Vegas are just beginning to hint at the exciting and innovative programs that are yet to come.

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