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February 18, 2019, 12:38 pm


The Karma design team throughly appreciated all the interest in this competition and enjoyed reviewing all entries and sharing the respective creators’ enthusiasm for creativity. There were several worthy winners but, you what’s coming… we had to pick just one. So, after careful consideration we are pleased to announce that our winner is @2020VISION with his inspired eyeglass submission:

How did we land on this winner? Well, first we appreciated the inspiration that @2020VISION took from the distinctive Karma grille to inform the shape of the glasses – an innovative application of a design trait to entirely different product. Second, when we relate the design to Karma’s values we liked the use of sustainable materials in the construction and the use of customization to take a product and make it truly special and unique to the individual – just as we strive to do with every car we craft at Karma. Congratulations @2020VISION!

On behalf of the Design team our sincere thanks again for all the entries, interest and enthusiasm.

Paul Houghton

VP, Global Design Operations and Craftsmanship


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