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July 26, 2019, 4:33 pm

Karma Design Team Draws Inspiration from Tinseltown

Southern California’s sun-drenched landscape infuses an alluring collection of spellbinding architecture and a bustling nightlife that’s filled with plenty of glitz and glamour. These visualizations inspire artists and designers to pack their bags and head west for a Los Angeles getaway. 

With roles that require high levels of originalityand imagination, five members of Karma’s Global Design team recently spent several weeks in the Hollywood Hills to immerse themselves in the fashion, food, music, and culture synonymous with red carpet luxury and Hollywood glamor..

“It’s one thing to simply read about California’s rich heritage and lifestyle, but another to actually experience it first-hand,” shares Adelaide Begalli, Lead CMF Designer.

With the goal of defining the look and feel of the entire Project e-Klipse product suite (our multi-variant global full battery electric vehicle (BEV) platform), the team worked together in a creative studio more than 50 miles north of our Irvine headquarters.

The team returned from the Hollywood Hills with a bevy of interior and exterior sketches,  colors and material palettes. The very best of these have already been presented to Karma’s executive  team and are being refined in the next stage of Karma’s intricate design process.


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