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May 15, 2019, 9:06 pm

Karma Evolves Partnerships for Future Digital Technologies

At Karma, we remain dedicated to collaborating with like-minded partners who share our vision and accelerate our progress. Most recently, we exercised our talents by showcasing a one-off experiment with Xperi, Studio 63, and QNX on display at our open house gallery in New York.

By integrating Xperi’s facial recognition software into our limited edition Karma Revero Aliso, we explored various research applications to enhance the digital LCD rear-view mirror for improved overall driving experience.  This experiment in particular enabled consumers to have no blind spot while minimizing motion sickness – a look into the future of digital technology that can be beneficial for consumers.

The integration of cutting-edge technology will continue to help our product team evaluate future features in upcoming vehicle launches, and may provide inspiration for future offerings. 


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