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December 11, 2019, 6:53 pm

Karma hosts the purist toy drive

More than simply a brand, we are guided by the belief upon which we named our company. Creating unique experiences goes beyond what our vehicles deliver. Creating good Karma is a global mission.


It’s that mission that led us to partner with Purist, a select group of automotive enthusiasts focused on giving back to the community. This past weekend they held their 7th Annual Toy Drive and Charity Car Show, near our home in Southern California. Every year the event raises thousands of dollars’ worth of toy donations for less fortunate children. This year was no exception.


The Purist group has amassed an international following, not just for their charity work, but also for the cars owned by the group’s various members. Attracting some of the most exotic and rare vehicles in the country, the Revero GT was in familiar company. With two on display, they drew quite the crowd, despite the heavy rains.


The journey continues, and so does our mission. Stay tuned for the next opportunity to spread good Karma.

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