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January 29, 2019, 12:41 pm


In a further step towards launching our Karma brand beyond North America, this week we launched a partnership with the Quantum Group to mark our company’s first representation in South America.

Our new Value Forward business strategy has seen Karma build growth on the roots already established in the US, but the time now is right to start adding further markets with strong partners. Quantum is just that - with Aston Martin, McLaren and Lotus franchises already part of its line up. They have a great customer base and deep knowledge of Karma's segment, and they share our passion for luxury, technology and a defining customer experience.

Co-Owner and Commercial Director of Quantum Group, Matías Velasco said of the new partnership: “It is a great honor to host Karma as the brand’s first entry into the Chile market, joining our established portfolio. Our company seeks future mobility products with beautiful design and new technologies making Karma a great partner for our brand”.

Find out more about the group's expertise here:


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