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August 29, 2019, 4:12 pm

Karma Newport Beach Grand Opening

We’re excited to announce that Karma Newport Beach, our flagship company-owned dealership for the Orange County, CA., area, is now officially open for business.

In celebration, we hosted a grand opening and we were joined by over 200 attendees, including Karma owners, enthusiasts and Newport Beach committee members. Guests not only had the opportunity to experience our new state-of-the-art facility, but were given a glimpse into Karma’s customization capabilities, along with an unveiling of the all-new 2020 Karma Revero GT.

Formerly known as Karma Orange County, our new location boasts more than 15,000 square feet and a 20-car showroom for Revero GTs and certified pre-owned Revero vehicles.  General Manager Kevin Kress said future expansion plans will include a Customization Center, a state-of-the art vehicle and photo staging area, VVIP concierge service (given the dealership’s proximity to John Wayne Airport), and a detail center.

Inside the showroom, guests were able to see two bespoke Revero vehicles. Customized inside our Karma Innovation and Customization Center (KICC) facility, both vehicles were built exclusively for Karma Newport Beach. Each Revero was designed with unique treatments including handcrafted finish paint and personalized interior with special stitching to create a bold, head-turning statement.

Located on a revolving vehicle display was the Karma SC1 Vision Concept: a signpost to our future – one that recognizes and embraces full electrification. The 360-degree stage offered the perfect visual canvas; revealing every detail of SC1’s stunning aesthetics and customized elements.

“Among Karma’s many hallmarks is our passion for our customers and providing an ownership experience that is personal and special,” John Maloney, Karma’s Chief Revenue Officer, explains. “It’s essential that our flagship store reflects the essence of our brand, especially as Karma enters a period of rapid product introductions, implementing open-platform business operations, and opening new profit centers to create long-term sustainability for our company.”

Represented by a growing list of 21 retail partners in the U.S., Canada and select export markets, our growth plans will take our company from one continent in 2018, to four continents this year and next before expanding our brand to China in 2021.

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