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May 29, 2019, 7:10 pm

Karma Revero GT Cold Weather Testing

In the “ice box region” of northern Minnesota, Karma engineers tested and validated a fleet of Revero GT vehicles performance under various cold weather conditions. Held at the Automotive Enviro Testing facility in the city of Baudette, where temperatures are frequently the lowest in the Continental U.S., Karma’s Powertrain, Chassis, and Vehicle Integration teams ran numerous tests, including an overnight cold soak in -30 degrees Celsius temperatures to validate the car’s engine, emissions, engine controls, battery and electronics. The team also evaluated powertrain performance using split road surfaces that included asphalt on one side and ice on the other, at different grade levels. “We completed all the required testing, and it was incredibly successful,” says Lindsey Heineman, Manager, Engine controls and Emission Compliance manager. “Our vehicles performed better than expected.” 

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