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December 12, 2019, 4:23 pm

Karma's Environmental Stewardship Day of Service

Growth is the gift from perseverance. It’s the reward for those unwilling to settle, those with a drive to make things better. It is a tenant of why we exist, reflected in our vehicles and our mission.


From our home in Southern California, we strive to improve the world by beginning in our own neighborhood. We work closely with the Los Angeles-based China General Chamber of Commerce and the city government’s environmental services in their efforts to improve the community. This past Wednesday members of the Karma team visited the Carthay Elementary Environmental Studies School. There we worked with the students on planting trees, planting seeds, and landscape maintenance. In addition, we donated a “Tree of Karma”, in commitment to a better community and planet for our children.


Spreading good Karma runs through providing the journey of a lifetime to some, to those with a lifetime’s journey ahead of them. Commitment to our customers, to our community, and to the future. This is where our growth lies.


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