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January 29, 2019, 1:18 pm

Meet An Original: The Aliso’s First Owner

With his trendy style and shaved head, New York native Dean Attanasio is no stranger to being noticed. And now, as the very first owner of Karma’s very first limited-edition vehicle − the Aliso − Dean is attracting attention for a very different reason.

“I can’t stop at a red light without people getting out of their cars to take a closer look at the Aliso,” shares Dean. “This vehicle attracts ten times the amount of attention as my previous luxury vehicle, which I traded in to acquire the Aliso. I just love the color, the overall look, and the way it drives.”

Customization was a major lure in Dean’s decision to purchase the Aliso, and he’s added further touches to make the vehicle his very own. These include the addition of a complete carbon fiber kit and a set of 21” winter wheels and tires to ensure the vehicle performs its best during harsh East Coast winter weather. The owner of a swimming pool installation business for the past 30 years, Dean reserves his Aliso primarily for recreational and social functions.

Dean took delivery of his Aliso last month during a key hand-off ceremony and soft launch party hosted by Karma Albany. You can find Dean second from left in the photo below. He’s pictured with his fiancée Lisa, Val Ranguelov, Karma Albany Dealer Principal, and his wife Nadia.

Congratulations, Dean, on your place in the Karma history books! We hope you enjoy your Aliso for an exceptionally long time to come.

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