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July 20, 2020, 5:50 pm


Hello there

After i replaced the battrey 12 v the car i dead any help plaess about this iuss my car now almost 1 year not working 

and i dont know what to do i just use it for 2000k and the battrey was giving worning so i replaced and i was hoping i never do it 

from that day until now the car not working i love the car but i start to hate it 

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October 5, 2020, 7:20 am

Most likely VCM lost wakeup signal (software is corrupted in the VCM module du to power failure during upstart). You need to take the car to your local Fisker Dealer or bring someone with a Fisker service computer (Prodis) to your car. Try a hard reset to restart all computers in the car but it will not help if the VCM lost wakeup signal. 1.  Be sure that the 12-volt battery is fully charged and in good condition.    (Contact is located in the right front fender area).2. Release Connector Retention Clip 3. Release Connector ContactBest regards



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