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December 6, 2018, 8:57 pm

Pink Revero Invited to Charity Event

We had a feeling the pink #KarmaForABetterFuture Revero would draw attention when we took it to the Supercars By the Sea show last month, but we were in for a surprise when it was invited to make an impromptu appearance at yet another charitable event.  

Supercars by the Sea is a monthly gathering of luxury and exotic cars just up the road from Karma HQ in Huntington Beach. Since the show essentially takes place in our backyard, and since so many Karma employees share a deep passion for all kinds of vehicles, we tend to visit the show pretty regularly.

At last month’s show, we rolled up in the pink Karma Revero which we have highlighted on the Hub earlier. It was wrapped in pink vinyl and had been signed by survivors, and Karma employees who had donated to the American Cancer Society.

But it was at Supercars by the Sea when we ran into David Wetzel, the co-founder of the McKenna Claire Foundation which was aims to combat pediatric brain cancer. David was in the area to attend the a nearby event which benefitted the foundation called ‘Pier to Pier for Pam’. Of course, there was no way we could refuse his invite.

We met some fantastic and inspiring members of the local community that day, and the Revero picked up more than a few new signatures as well.

We’re going to bring a new specialty Revero to December’s Supercars by the Sea event ‘CHiPs for Kids’. Presented in coordination with the California Highway Patrol, CHiPs for Kids attendees are encouraged to bring a toy for the less fortunate as the cost of entry.

We invite owners, fans and any Karma enthusiasts in the area to grab a toy and join us for this special event. Check the show’s Facebook page below for more information.

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