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February 4, 2019, 1:45 pm

REAL LUXURY IS CUSTOMIZATIOn: BY Barny Koehler, Chief Innovation Officer & President, China

"Discerning customers now seek to make their clothes, their homes, and their vehicles one-of-a-kind luxury statements.

That’s why customization – especially guided customization - is an important element of our Karma brand, and why we are laser-focused on elevating all we do in the areas of luxury, technology, personalization, and treatment to a California-inspired art form.

As a steward of high-tech rolling art, Karma’s unique reason for being is to champion bold design and deliver electric vehicles that are both voluptuous and sensual; products that elicit a visceral and emotional response for our owners. And as Karma’s guardian of global design, my overarching mission is to marry Karma’s styling and personalized customization DNA with our owner’s lifestyles so we can capture their hearts and minds, ultimately creating strong brand loyalty and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Aliso was our first foray into the art of customization. This very limited offering embodies Karma’s dedication to providing luxury enthusiasts an opportunity to own a personalized, collector’s vehicle. It’s a specially-crafted luxury electric vehicle for a very select few who seek a truly unique product, and something we believe can be a model for how Karma approaches other unique custom editions and contribute to the sales growth of the company. In fact, Karma’s customization strategy is comprised of five levels of individuality.

Aliso’s “Limited Edition” moniker represents Karma’s first level of customization, where Design collaborates with Marketing and Sales to customize a limited run of specially-created vehicles for our customers. This year, you will see even more levels of guided customization in the form of limited “Black Diamond,” one-off “Gold” and invitation-only “Platinum” vehicles. These represent increasing levels of bespoke automotive personalization allowing owners to work directly with Karma designers to co-create a vehicle based on their individual taste.

Guided Black Diamond customization occurs online and allows customers to evaluate and select color and fabric treatments that are increasingly narrowed based on choices. Gold and Platinum guided customization pairs customers with individual Karma designers to create unique vehicles just for them, in some cases customizing a car that no one else will be able to order and own.

Karma’s customization team will go one step further and provide unlimited support for clients seeking guided personal and lifestyle design for everything from residential and commercial architecture, business branding, or event look and feel. We call this Karma’s “Reserve” level of individuality.

Most of this will come to life in a special bespoke design center where we’ll convey and execute our customization capabilities by showcasing our proficiency and expertise in quality, craftsmanship, and creativity. We’ll announce the location of this center later this year and will establish partnerships with the industry’s best technology leaders and craftsmen.

Karma’s luxury and lower-volume niche enables us to tailor every car we build to match our customer’s unique lifestyle tastes. The result is long-term brand value that is driven by luxury electric vehicle experiences backed by innovative design, technology, and personalization."

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