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May 31, 2019, 8:43 pm

The Making of Karma GT Designed by Pininfarina

We released “The Making of Karma GT Designed by Pininfarina” today, a video vignette showing how our partnership with Pininfarina resulted in a custom-made, Italian-designed, two-door coupe variant of the new 2020 Revero GT intended to gauge customer interest.

The Karma GT Designed by Pininfarina is part of our “Shanghai Big Three,” a trio of cars used to illustrate our immediate, mid-term and long-term future. In addition to our Pininfarina designed concept, is a new 2020 Karma Revero GT luxury electric vehicle expected to hit dealer showrooms later this year, and the Karma SC1 Vision Concept: a signpost to our future – one that recognizes and embraces full electrification.

Our Karma GT Designed by Pininfarina is the first result of a partnership with Pininfarina, the iconic Italian design and engineering house. The Pininfarina team took a new 2020 Revero GT, retained the fundamental engineering parameters of the luxury electric vehicle, and then crafted a new body style (a coupe), panels and interior, offering an alternative design interpretation with some trademark Italian flair. The end result is a stunning concept combining Karma’s California soul with the Italian “dolce vita.”

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